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26th season's films

Mayford Village Hall
8th September 2005
Vera Drake
UK, France, 2005, Cert 12
22nd September 2005
Goodbye Lenin!
Germany, 2003, Cert 15
13th October 2005
The Manchurian Candidate
USA, 1962, Cert 15
One World Week
27th October 2005
Devine Intervention
(Yadon Ilaheyy)
France, Morocco, Germany, Palestine , 2003, Cert 15
10th November 2005
Two Men Went to War
UK, 2002, Cert PG
Special Event
Double Bill
24th November 2005
Man with a Movie Camera
(Chelovek s kino-apparatom)
Soviet Union, 1929, Cert --
Cecil B. Demented
France, USA, 2000, Cert 18
8th December 2005
Meet Me in St Louis
USA, 1994, Cert PG
12th January 2006
Finding Neverland
USA, UK, 2005, Cert PG
26th January 2006
Viaggio In Italia
(Journey to Italy)
Italy, France, 1953, Cert --
Japan, 1950, Cert 12
Special Event
1950's Double Bill
9th February 2006
Read My Lips
(Sur Mes Lèvres)
France, 2002, Cert 15
23rd February 2006
The Draughtsman's Contract
UK, 1982, Cert 15
9th March 2006
Butterfly's Tongue
(La Lengua de las Mariposas)
Spain, 1999, Cert 15
Special Event
Double Bill
23rd March 2006
Kirikou and The Sorceress
(Kirikou et la sorcière)
France, 1998, Cert U
Argentina, Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, 2004, Cert PG
13th April 2006
Taxi Driver
USA, 1976, Cert 18
27th April 2006
Ladies In Lavender
UK, 2004, Cert 12
11th May 2006
La Règle du Jeu
(Rules of the Game)
France, 1939, Cert --
25th May 2006
Annual General Meeting
followed by
The Station Agent
USA, 2003, Cert 15
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