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12th May 2016

Soshite chichi ni naru
(Like Father Like Son)

Director: Hirokazu Koreeda

Japan , 2013

Run Time: 121 minutes, Certificate: PG,
Genre: Drama, Language: Japanese


A moving drama that explores issues of nature vs. nuture with a subtle, humanistic touch.

"The questions posed by Like Father, Like Son are universal in nature and the manner in which Koreeda addresses them makes for superior drama"

" Sensitively written, smartly directed, and powerfully performed, like father, like son uses familiar-seeming elements to tell a thought-provoking story"

" A thoroughly satisfying effort that always finds the truth of the moment, ignoring the ease of melodrama"

" It's well-acted and quietly powerful without settling for easy solutions to its unique dilemma"

" Gem of a Family Drama"

Number of reactions 37 Average score 7.38

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