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Scores for season 22

Maximum possible score 10
Position Film Average Score Reactions Show date
1Singin' in the Rain8.68027th Sep 2001
8.20011th Oct 2001
3His Girl Friday7.83023rd May 2002
4The Talanted Mr Ripley7.61013th Sep 2001
= 4Happy, Texas7.61014th Feb 2002
= 4The Insider7.61011th Apr 2002
7Run Lola Run
(Lola rennt)
7.44025th Oct 2001
8The Cider House Rules7.37010th Jan 2002
9Key Largo7.32028th Feb 2002
10Regeneration7.11022nd Nov 2001
11Charley Varrick6.89013th Dec 2001
12The Public Enemy6.1108th Nov 2001
13Desert Hearts6.0809th May 2002
14Horse Feathers6.0408th Nov 2001
15Le Confessional5.91025th Apr 2002
16The Show of Shows5.40014th Mar 2002
17After Life4.44028th Mar 2002
18Beau Travail
(Beau travail)
4.20024th Jan 2002

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