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Scores for season 21

Maximum possible score 10
Position Film Average Score Reactions Show date
1Sweet Charity8.26025th Jan 2001
2The Winslow Boy8.03028th Sep 2000
3Analyze This7.6508th Mar 2001
4The Sixth Sense7.32010th May 2001
5These Foolish Things
(Daddy Nostalgie)
7.12012th Apr 2001
6Tango7.0908th Feb 2001
7All About My Mother
(Todo sobre mi madre)
6.97023rd Nov 2000
8Days of Heaven6.87024th May 2001
9The Four Feathers6.64022nd Feb 2001
10The Grifters6.63026th Apr 2001
11Bulworth6.55026th Oct 2000
12Samson and Delilah6.42022nd Mar 2001
13Three Kings6.21011th Jan 2001
14The Apple5.86012th Oct 2000
15The Threepenny Opera
(Die 3 Groschen-Oper)
5.1709th Nov 2000
16Barbarella5.10014th Sep 2000
17Hue & Cry0.00014th Dec 2000

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