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Scores for season 16

Maximum possible score 10
Position Film Average Score Reactions Show date
1The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse9.2023rd Jan 1996
2The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert8.206th Feb 1996
3The Joy Luck Club7.9030th Apr 1996
4Pulp Fiction7.609th Jan 1996
= 4Gigi7.6024th Oct 1995
6The Lost Weekend7.4019th Mar 1996
7The Nighmare Before Christmas7.3019th Dec 1995
8Geronimo, An American Legend7.202nd Apr 1996
9Shallow Grave7.1026th Sep 1995
10Death and the Maiden6.905th Dec 1995
11Bandit Queen6.8010th Oct 1995
12The Age of Innocence6.6012th Sep 1995
13The Wicker Man6.507th Nov 1995
14The Hour Of The Pig
(The Advocate)
6.405th Mar 1996
15Knife in the Water6.3021st Nov 1995
16Le Feu Follet5.0020th Feb 1996
17Heavenly Creatures0.0016th Apr 1996
= 17Muriels Wedding0.0028th May 1996
= 17Rio Bravo0.0014th May 1996
= 17The White Balloon
(Badkonake sefid)
0.0011th Jun 1996

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