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Scores for season 15

Maximum possible score 10
Position Film Average Score Reactions Show date
1Four Weddings And A Funeral8.504th Apr 1995
= 1Much Ado About Nothing8.5027th Nov 1994
3Chaplin8.0024th Jan 1995
= 3Henry V (Branagh)8.0027th Nov 1994
5House of Angels
(Melekler Evi)
7.9010th Jan 1995
6Groundhog Day7.6020th Dec 1994
= 6Like Water For Chocolate
(Como agua para chocolate)
7.6023rd May 1995
= 6Oh! What a Lovely War7.609th May 1995
9Kes7.3021st Feb 1995
10The Piano7.206th Sep 1994
= 10Sunrise
(Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans)
7.207th Feb 1995
12Two Way Stretch7.1620th Jun 1995
13The Story of Qiu Ju
(Qiu Ju da guan si)
7.1018th Oct 1994
14Gold Diggers Of 19357.0021st Mar 1995
= 14Unforgiven7.006th Dec 1994
= 14The Wedding Banquet
(Xi yan)
7.004th Oct 1994
17Bhaji On The Beach6.701st Nov 1994
18Manhattan Murder Mystery6.6020th Sep 1994
19Belle Epoche0.0015th Nov 1994
= 19Farewell My Concubine
(Ba wang bie ji)
0.0016th Jul 1995
= 19Out Of The Past0.0025th Apr 1995
= 19Philadelphia0.006th Jun 1995
= 19Raining Stones0.007th Mar 1995

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