Woking Film Club

40th season's films

Mayford Village Hall
12th September 2019
Stan & Ollie
UK, Canada, USA, 2019, Cert U
26th September 2019
The White Crow
UK, France, 2019, Cert 12A
10th October 2019
Der Ballon
Germany, 2018, Cert 12A
One World Week
24th October 2019
Before The Flood
USA, 2016, Cert PG
14th November 2019
Todos lo saben
(Everybody Knows)
Spain, France, Italy, 2019, Cert 15
Double Bill
28th November 2019
Sherlock Junior
USA, 1924, Cert U
La tortue rouge
(The Red Turtle)
France, Belgium, Japan, Poland, Netherlands, Hungary, UK, Germany, China, Thailand, Italy, Denmark, USA, 2016, Cert PG
12th December 2019
Green Book
USA, 2019, Cert 12A
9th January 2020
Bohemian Rhapsody
UK, USA, 2018, Cert 12A
23rd January 2020
Il capitale umano
(Human Capital)
Italy, France, 2014, Cert 15
13th February 2020
Pillow Talk
USA, 1959, Cert A
27th February 2020
Manbiki kazoku
Japan, 2018, Cert 15
12th March 2020
The Magnificent Seven
USA, Philippines, 1960, Cert U
8th October 2020
Swimming with Men
UK, 2018, Cert 12A
One World Week
22nd October 2020
The Lunchbox
India, France, Germany, USA, Canada, 2013, Cert PG
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