Woking Film Club

32nd season's films

Mayford Village Hall
8th September 2011
The King's Speech
UK, 2010, Cert 12A
22nd September 2011
Made in Dagenham
UK, 2010, Cert 15
13th October 2011
Etre et Avoir
(To Be and to Have)
France, 2003, Cert U
One World Week
27th October 2011
Sri Lanka, Italy, Germany , 2009, Cert 15
10th November 2011
Public Enemies
USA, 2009, Cert 15
24th November 2011
El secreto de sus ojos
(The Secret in Their Eyes)
Argentina, Spain , 2010, Cert 18
8th December 2011
USA, 1950, Cert U
12th January 2012
Black Swan
USA, 2010, Cert 15
26th January 2012
La question humaine
(Heartbeat Detector)
France, 2008, Cert 12A
9th February 2012
(The Illusionist)
UK, France, 2010, Cert NULL
23rd February 2012
La noche de los girasoles
(The night of sunflowers)
Spain, 2007, Cert 15
8th March 2012
Angels with Dirty Faces
USA, 1938, Cert PG
22nd March 2012
Nirgendwo in Africa
(Nowhere in Africa)
Germany, 2003, Cert 15
12th April 2012
UK, 2007, Cert NULL
26th April 2012
Coco avant Chanel
(Coco before Chanel)
France, Belgium, 2009, Cert NULL
10th May 2012
USA, UK, 2010, Cert 12A
24th May 2012
Annual General Meeting
followed by
Le placard
(The Closet)
France, 2002, Cert 15
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