Woking's New Cinema Club

22nd season's films

Mayford Village Hall
13th September 2001
The Talanted Mr Ripley
USA, 1999, Cert 15
27th September 2001
Singin' in the Rain
USA, 1952, Cert U
One World Week
11th October 2001
UK, Germany, Czech Republic, 1996, Cert 12
25th October 2001
Run Lola Run
(Lola rennt)
Germany, 1999, Cert 15
8th November 2001
Horse Feathers
USA, 1932, Cert U
The Public Enemy
USA, 1931, Cert PG
22nd November 2001
UK, Canada, 1997, Cert 15
13th December 2001
Charley Varrick
USA, 1973, Cert PG
10th January 2002
The Cider House Rules
USA, 2000, Cert 12
Special Event
Women behind the lens Part 1
24th January 2002
Beau Travail
(Beau travail)
France, 1999, Cert 15
Special Event
A romantic comedy for Valentine/'s Day
14th February 2002
Happy, Texas
USA, 1999, Cert 12
28th February 2002
Key Largo
USA, 1948, Cert PG
14th March 2002
The Show of Shows
USA, 1929, Cert U
28th March 2002
After Life
Japan, 1998, Cert PG
11th April 2002
The Insider
USA, 1999, Cert 15
25th April 2002
Le Confessional
Canada, UK, France, 1995, Cert PG
Special Event
Women behind the lens Part 2
9th May 2002
Desert Hearts
USA, 1985, Cert 18
23rd May 2002
Annual General Meeting
followed by
His Girl Friday
USA, 1941, Cert U
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