Woking's New Cinema Club
Current Season's Films
8th September 2016
USA, UK, 2015, Cert 15
22nd September 2016
Bridge of Spies
USA, Germany, India , 2015, Cert 12A
13th October 2016
Comme Une Image
(Look at Me)
France, Italy , 2004, Cert 12
One World Week
27th October 2016
The Good Lie
Kenya, India, USA, 2014, Cert PG
10th November 2016
The Big Parade
USA, 1925, Cert U
24th November 2016
Gunfight at the OK Corral
USA, 1957, Cert PG
8th December 2016
UK, 2015, Cert 15
12th January 2017
USA, Canada, 2015, Cert 15
26th January 2017
Eddie the Eagle
UK, USA, Germany , 2016, Cert PG
9th February 2017
UK, Canada, Ireland , 2015, Cert 12A
23rd February 2017
Etz Limon
(Lemon Tree)
Israel, Germany, France , 2008, Cert PG
9th March 2017
UK, 2015, Cert 12A
23rd March 2017
Mystery Road
Australia, 2013, Cert 15
Double Bill
13th April 2017
Trouble in Paradise
USA, 1932, Cert -
USA, 2015, Cert 15
27th April 2017
Ex Machina
UK, 2015, Cert 15
11th May 2017
South Korea, 2010, Cert 12A
25th May 2017
Annual General Meeting
followed by
Closely Observed Trains
Czechoslovakia , 1966, Cert 15

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Friday, 23rd June 2017
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