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10th November 2016

The Big Parade

Director: King Vidor

USA, 1925

Run Time: 150 minutes, Certificate: U,
Genre: Drama, Romance, War , Language: English


John Gilbert stars in King Vidor's powerful WWI epic THE BIG PARADE, a landmark of the silent cinema that's big in every sense of the word, from its battle scenes and emotional impact to its huge box-office success. What makes The Big Parade of historical, as well as cinematic, importance is the fact that it was shot within a few years of the end of World War I, thus providing a fascinating look at how the war affected the American people This film from 1925 is pretty much the blue print for most of the films in the genre that followed it.
King Vidor's blockbuster WWI epic was the highest grossing movie of the 1920s and still gives a powerful depiction of The Great War.
An appropriate choice for this date.

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