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27th October 2016

The Good Lie

Director: Philippe Falardeau

Kenya, India, USA, 2014

Run Time: 110 minutes, Certificate: PG,
Genre: Drama, Language: English


A compelling, well-acted, and deeply moving drama from Hollywood about African refugees settling in America and changing the lives of those who come into close contact with them. Orphaned by the brutal Civil war in Sudan that began in 1983, these young victims travelled as many as a thousand miles on foot in search of safety. Fifteen years later, a humanitarian effort would bring 3600 lost boys and girls to America.
"It's refreshing to see a movie that knows where its heart lies and remain so faithful to that premise. ... As good as the story is, it is the performances that make this a must-see film."
"You cannot fail to be moved by this story of young Sudanese refugees - and not just to tears either."

Number of reactions 33 Average score 7.5

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