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24th March 2011

Fish Tank

Director: Andrea Arnold

UK, Netherlands, 2009

Run Time: 123 minutes, Certificate: 15,
Genre: Drama, Language: English


Gritty, darkly humorous tale of fatal attraction from writer/director Andrea Arnold ('Red Road') which won the Alexander Korda Award for Outstanding British Film of the Year at the 2010 BAFTA Awards. 15-year-old Mia Williams (Katie Jarvis) lives with her single mother Joanne (Kierston Wareing) and younger sister Tyler (Rebecca Griffiths) in a run down bock of flats. Suspended from school, she fills her days searching for the next alcohol fix and hanging out in a derelict flat near her home. When her mother brings home new boyfriend Connor (Michael Fassbender) to meet the girls, Mia soon finds herself attracted to him. Unfortunately for all concerned, the feeling seems mutual...

Number of reactions 38 Average score 5.79

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