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14th December 2000

Hue & Cry

Director: Charles Crichton

UK, 1947

Run Time: 82 minutes, Certificate: U,
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Crime , Language: English


An East End lad, working as a porter in Convent Garden, learns that criminals are using a popular comic to pass messages to one another. He enlists a small army of his friends to help him bring the villains to justice. Bombed Second World War cities may have been a nightmare for most of their inhabitants, but the craters, disused buildings and mazes of rubble provided superb playgrounds for kids. Crichton's use of devastated cityscapes suggests an affinity with such neo-realist pics as Rossellini's Germany, Year Zero. Not that T. E. B. Clarke's script is in any way grim. It's an ingeniously plotted children's adventure of the sort penned by Richmal Crompton. While the character-playing by the likes of Alastair Sim and Jack Warner is a treat, the sheer anarchic fervour of the kids themselves is really what makes this memorable.

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