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5th October 1993

Barton Fink

Director: Joel Coen, Ethan Coen

USA, UK, 1991

Run Time: 116 minutes, Certificate: 15,
Genre: Drama, Language: English


Barton Flick (Johh Turturro) is an intense young playwright who achieves overnight success on Broadway in 1941 with a play about the Common Man. Hollywood beckons. It is impressed by his conscience. His first assignment, however, is to pen a wrestling picture for Wallace Beery. Fink checks into a dank, putrid hotel for long term residents (the stationery is embossed with the legend: a day ora lifetime) and is promptly stricken by severe writer's block.. But help is at hand from Charlie, an insurance salesman, played by John Goodman, who inhabits the room next door... Gothic, playful and unpredictable, Barton Fink combines elements of Kafka and David Lynch with superb acting, superlative writing, and impepcable visual design. It also won an unprecedented triple of awards at Cannes: the Palme d'Or, Best Direction for Joel & Ethan Coen, and Best Actor for John Turturro. 'See Barton Fink and experience,what audiences in 1941 felt when they saw Citizen Kane'. Los Angeles Times

Average score 5.6

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