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An interview published in the Woking Review July 2001

WHILE Woking's New Cinema Club is taking its summer break, there is no rest for its chairman, Iain McGlashan. As an electoral registration officer, he has been busier than usual recently.

In its annual awards, the British Federation of Film Societies declared in March that Woking's New Cinema Club was Film Society of the Year. Iain was asked how it felt to be chairman of the best film society out of almost 300 across the UK?

"Pleased would be a fair description. I feel, though, that the award is really a reward to all at the Cinema Club who make our film evenings such a pleasurable experience.

"Having had to change venue four times in as many years, our membership has remained loyal and constant. No doubt the reason for this is that we show a wide variety of films and are a friendly group.


Iain McGIashan.


With its current achievement, what's next for the Club?

"Probably, a move to showing films on DVD since fewer new ones are being released on the 16mm format we currently use."

With an increase in multiplex cinemas, the sophistication of home cinema systems and other leisure attractions, Iain was asked how he saw the Club's future.

"Still going strong, with a combination of new films on DVD, classic and rarely seen films from all the decades, back to the days of silent cinema.

"The Club's 2001-2 season starts on September 13 and the beginning of each season is always appealing. Value for money is a big consideration these days and Woking New Cinema Club is anxious to keep its charges reasonable.

"It costs under ?2 per film if you join for the whole season or you can come along to any of the shows for ?3.50 (?3.00 concessions)."

Iain has been a member of WNCC for nine years and said that the first Club film he saw was Cyrano de Bergerac starring Gerard Depardieu.

When asked what his earliest film-going memory was he replied "Walt Disney's The Cat From Outer Space, although my parents took me to Zulu when I was a babe in arms. My all-time favourites include Some like It Hot, Diva, The Defiant Ones, To Sir With Love, Cinema Paradiso and Il Postino, films I could watch again and again."

Some like it hot

A scene from Iain's favourite film, Some Like It Hot.


WNCC is run by a committee of eight, assisted by other members, but Iain says that help is always welcome, whether it is with projection or making cakes for interval refreshments.

If you like to see a wide selection of films, go along to the Club at Mayford Village Hall in Saunders Lane, Woking, where you will receive a warm welcome.

To find out what is showing from September until May 2002 call Barbara Millington, secretary on 01483 725792 (daytime) or membership secretary, Stephen Lock on 01483-475745 (evening).

Alternatively, visit the Club's website on www.wncc.org.uk.


Review Series July 7, 2001

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